Annual Festivals

General Information

Teacher Requirements:

All teachers must be available to work the day of the festivals and recitals in which they are participating. Teachers must meet all deadlines and have forms filled out correctly or students will be disqualified.

All Star Festival

Festival Description:

The non-competitive All Star Festival is dedicated to the study and performance of music from all eras. Students have the option of being adjudicated on one or all of the following: performance skills in solo and duet ensembles, composition, Music Fair projects, theory, music history and technical skills. Teachers designate students on one of three levels: elementary, intermediate or advanced according to their skills. There are no age limits or ability minimums. It is held annually.

Baroque Festival

Festival Description:

This festival is dedicated to the study and performance of works from the Baroque Era. Students compete at 5 levels for scholarships and special presentation at an honors recital. Students may enter competitive or non competitive. It is held annually in November.

Classical Festival