Joyce Grill presents at the Forum meeting this Friday!

Well known composer and professor Joyce Grill will be at St Anne’s Episcopal Church Friday, October 4th, at 9:30 am, after the 9:00 meeting. The morning concludes with a lunch at Graystone Ale House. All are welcome! Following is her bio; we hope to see you there!

Joyce Grill is a retired emeritus faculty member of UW-La Crosse.  (I taught with Weekley and Arganbright for 25 years!) Grill’s extensive hands-on teaching experience, which she brings to her clinics, conveys not only course-related applications but also practical and tangible approaches to instruction and student development.

She is a well-know composer whose various compositions introduce students to the styles of several musical eras.  She especially hopes to attract young teenagers with her music to continue their study of piano!

With degrees from the UW-Madison, she did advanced study at the School of Fine Arts in Fontainebleau, France, studying with Nadia Boulanger, (theory and composition) and Robert and Jean Casadesus, (piano).  She is an active member to MTNA holding the MTNA Master Teacher Certificate and she is an MTNA Foundation Fellow.

On a fun and personal note, Joyce wrote a less official bio for us:  “I never know what teachers are interested in knowing about me!  Things not usually put in bios are that I like all kinds of music!  I played in a polka band in high school, a jazz band in college and loved accompanying most of all!!!!  This is what I concentrated on in my years of teaching, instead of solo playing, which I did, but loved accompanying best!  I was the mid-west accompanist for Columbia Artists who came here but didn’t want to bring an accompanist!  Thank goodness I was a good sight-reader because they rarely sent the music ahead of time.   Sigh!!!! ” Thank you Joyce, for that view into your life! You made us all smile.